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Deductible Expenses for Thai Companies
Understanding available deductible expenses and exemptions is a key point for minimising a company's...
Opening an Offshore Bank account in Hong Kong
In this guide, we will explain the process of opening an offshore bank account in Hong Kong.
How to Issue a Tax Invoice/Receipt in Thailand
When conducting business in Thailand, it's essential to understand the legal requirements for issuing...
Withholding Tax Certificates in Thailand
The withholding tax system in Thailand requires companies issuing Withholding Tax Certificates.
Withholding Tax in Thailand
The withholding tax system in Thailand plays a central role in the collection of income tax.
Thailand SMART Visa
The Thailand SMART Visa, is a specialized visa aimed at attracting highly-skilled foreign workers, investors,...
Writing Off Debts for Thai Companies
When a business in Thailand is unable to collect a debt from a debtor, it may be eligible to write off...
Double Tax Agreements in Thailand
Double Tax Agreements (DTAs) ensure that income is taxed only once and to promote cross-border trade...
Sending money out of Thailand
In Thailand, both businesses and individuals often find themselves needing to transfer money out of Thailand....
What is the Thailand Investment Visa?
The Thailand Investment visa (Non-Immigrant IM) aims to encourage foreign investment in the country and...
Exploring the benefits of the IEAT in Thailand
Thailand has positioned itself as a hub for international business, and the Industrial Estate Authority...
BOI TISO: An Alternative to Traditional BOI Promotions
The BOI TISO promotion is a great alternative for companies not eligible for traditional BOI promotions.
Do Thai Companies Need to Complete an Annual Audit?
In Thailand, it's mandatory for all legal entities, including limited companies, branches of foreign...
Tax Deductions and Depreciation For SMEs in Thailand
Depreciation is a fundamental concept in both accounting and tax planning that plays an important role...
Filing Deadline for 2023 Corporate Income Tax Returns
In Thailand, companies typically have their financial year end on the 31st of December. As this date...
BOI Business Activities Eligible for a Promotion in Thailand
This article will explore the eligible BOI business activities available to prospective companies.
New Regulations for Taxing Foreign Income in Thailand thailand income tax for foreigners
Until recently it was possible to remit foreign sourced income after one fiscal year and not be subject...
What are the Eligible Jobs for Foreigners in Thailand?
This blog post will explore the categories of jobs for foreigners that allow employment and those prohibited.
BOI Company Formation in Thailand: Empowering Foreign Investors
This blog post explores the BOI company formation procedure, eligibility criteria, application procedure
Thailand Professional Visa for Work from Thailand Professionals LTR VISA thailand residency
The LTR visa for Work from Thailand Professionals is a visa designed to attract remote workers working...
The Pros and Cons of using a PEO service in Thailand Professional Employer Organization
A PEO in Thailand provides valuable support in navigating the compliance requirements.
Thailand Professional Visa for Highly Skilled Professionals
Exploring the Thailand Professional Visa for Highly Skilled Professionals, a 10 year Thai visa.
Doing business in Thailand, Restricted Activities & Regulations
This blog post will provide an overview of Thailand's restricted business activities for foreign companies...
Does my business in Thailand require a Thai Partner? Thai Partner Required for My Business
Thailand's legal framework, especially the Foreign Business Act (FBA) can often make needing a Thai partner...
Thailand Elite Visa, long-stay visa, second home, VIP services, golf, spa, bank account, financial advice, limousine service
The Thailand Elite visa is designed to attract international high-end visitors, investors, entrepreneurs,...
Accelerating Entry to the Thai Market with PEO Services
Engaging in a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) service can provide valuable assistance for those...
Do Expatriates Married to Thai Nationals Require A Work Permit?
Being married to a Thai national has some advantages for those working in Thailand, find out more here.
Understanding Technology Transfer Plans in Thailand
Foreign Business Licences require a technology transfer plan as part of the application.
Alternatives to Nominee Shareholders in Thailand
Looking for alternatives to nominee shareholders? Discover your options here.
Home / Run a company / Can I use Nominee Shareholders in Thailand? Legal, Run a company, Start a company Can I use Nominee Shareholders in Thailand?
Wondering about the use of nominee shareholders in Thailand? Explore the legalities and considerations...