VB & Partners

VB & Partners is your premier gateway for establishing and operating a business in Thailand.

We’re dedicated to simplifying your entry into the Thai market by offering insightful advice and an all-encompassing service, ensuring a swift setup that aligns with Thai legal regulations.

Our services have been tailored to meet the needs of most business personae: entrepreneurs, SMEs starting their business progressively and international companies wishing a full understanding on how to operate in full compliance while being provided with pragmatic advice.

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Our Services
At VB & Partners, we understand that setting up and running a business in a foreign land can be a complex and daunting task. That’s why we have divided our services into three distinct categories to make the process easier and more comprehensible for our clients: “Start a Business”, “Run a Business” and “Legal Assistance”.
Start a Business

We identify the optimal structure for your venture based on your investment capacity and long-term goals. From there, we manage the registration with all pertinent authorities, facilitate bank account openings, and secure visas and work permits. This ensures your business launches with momentum.

Run a Business

We help you establish your accounting and payroll systems, and ensure you're well-versed in Thailand's monthly tax and labor law obligations. Additionally, we draft commercial contracts, keeping in mind local business customs. Our corporate secretarial services monitor and manage routine corporate updates.

Legal Assistance

Going the extra mile, our monthly legal retainer service provides timely answers to those seemingly minor yet critical questions that arise during daily operations — questions that, if left unanswered, could pose legal risks.

Our Clients
Our clients range from funded startups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), to local subsidiaries of listed companies spanning diverse industry sectors, including digital, retail, consulting, manufacturing, fintech, real estate firms, export, and venture capital. We pride ourselves on offering premium services that cater to the unique needs of each client, whether you are a new company seeking guidance or an established business needing ongoing support.
Our Approach

At VB & Partners, our approach is anchored in three key values: simplicity, clarity, and efficiency.

We’ve transformed complex processes into an intuitive online form, handling all official communications on your behalf for a smooth experience. We provide clear explanations about the regulations and standard business practices, equipping you with the knowledge you need to manage your company confidently.

About Our Founder

Vincent Birot, our CEO and Founder holds 3 master’s degrees – a Master in International Business Law from la Sorbonne, Paris, a Magistere in French and British Law, and an LL.M in International Commercial Law from the University of Exeter, UK and passed the Paris Bar.

Vincent started his career in private equity with Baker McKenzie and later set up the Bangkok office of a regional accounting and corporate firm. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish several ventures in the blockchain and legal tech industries.

With years of experience in the Thai business community, serving the Franco Thai Chamber of Commerce as Vice President and founding member of La French Tech Bangkok, Vincent has developed a nuanced understanding of the unique needs of businesses in Thailand. This understanding, coupled with his commitment to providing comprehensive and pragmatic services, has established VB & Partners as a premium one stop service for starting and running a business in Thailand.

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