Non-Immigrant B Visa

Non-Immigrant B Visa

Foreigners who wish to come to Thailand for employment or to open a business must hold a Thai Non-Immigrant B (Business visa) and Work Permit. This visa can be extended to a long-term visa (1 year) at local Immigration Offices in Thailand.

Foreigners who enter Thailand are not permitted to work (regardless of their visa) unless they have applied for and received a valid work permit.

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Non-Immigrant B Visa at a glance
Work Permit

Work permits are a mandatory requirement for any foreigner working in Thailand. Failure to obtain a valid work permit could result in punishments for the offending foreigner and the company they work for.

Visa Length

The initial Non-immigrant B visa is valid for 90 days. This can be extended for 1 year after ariving in Thailand. Yearly extensions can be obtained as long as the applicant is employed.

Work Permit Restrictions

Once the applicant has received their work permit, they are only permitted to work for the company specified in the work permit. Employees will also be required to get a new work permit when they leave a position to work for another company.

Why work with VB Partners?

Applying for a visa and work permit in Thailand can feel like a complex process. At VB and Partners, our team of experts are ready to provide the guidance you require. Our comprehensive array of visa and work permit services will provide assistance during every stage of the process, from the initial visa eligibility assessments to the successful acquisition of your work permit, enabling you to start working in Thailand.

Navigating the intricacies of local immigration laws and regulations is important for individuals seeking to work in legally Thailand. Our customized solutions are designed to ensure strict compliance with all legal prerequisites. Our team of experts well-versed in Thai immigration procedures and policies, will help ensure a smooth and efficient process.

VB and Partners takes pride in its team of experts. Encompassing Visa and Work Permit Applications, Visa and Work Permit Consultations, and Permanent Residency, VB and Partners stands as your preeminent destination for fulfilling all your immigration requirements.

What does this package include

  • Pre-application procedures: Identify the correct visa for the situation and confirm eligibility.
  • Assistance with the collection and preparation of the required documents. This includes coordinating with the client’s employer to obtain the relevant documents and make sure they are signed and stamped where needed. This will cover both the Visa and Work Permit.
  • Our Visa expert will accompany the applicant to the Immigration Office and Labour Offices to submit the application and provide the required assistance.
  • Answering questions about the visa and work permit service.
In addition to the aforementioned requirements, please note that additional documentation may be necessary during the application process.
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Non-Immigrant B Visa
Required for coming to Thailand for work/business
Can be extended for 1 year
5 Business Days
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What you must know before applying

Leaving and Re-entering Thailand
If you have a multiple entry Visa you can leave and reenter any time. Single entry Visas (and extensions of stay) require a Re-entry permit to be obtained before leaving Thailand.
90 Day Reporting
Once your Visa has been extended and you intend to stay in Thailand for >90 days, you must submit a 90 day report at the local immigration office.
90 Day Non-Immigrant B Application
In practice, it is easier and more efficient to apply for this visa in an Embassy/Consulate in your home country and one neighbouring Thailand.
Approximately 3-5 working days to obtain the 90 Day Non-Immigrant B visa from abroad. The Work Permit will take approximately 5-10 buisness days to obtain (after arriving in Thailand). The year long extension will take 30 days to obtain.
Definition of Work
Under Thai law, “work” has a very broad definition. The term work covers both physical and mental activities, and payment does not exclusively refer to earning wages and can come in any other form of compensation.
Changing Jobs
Employees are only permitted to work for the company in the scope of work specified in their work permit. Starting a new job requires you to cancel the previous work permit in order to apply for a new work permit.

Book a Call with our expert

Up to an hour consultation on the process of setting up a company in Thailand.

We will provide you with information on key areas such as; company structure, taxes, accounting and other general aspects of opening a company in Thailand. We will also answer any other legal questions you may have to provide you with a clear overview.

If some extra research is necessary to answer your questions, our experts will check and revert to you with complementary elements by email.

This consultation is provided by legal experts in English or in French.

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Frequently Asked Question

How can I obtain a Work Permit and Visa?

A foreigner who is coming to Thailand in order to work will first need to obtain a Non-Immigrant B Visa before arrival. Normally, applications for Non-Immigrant B Visas are made at Thai Embassies or Consulates outside of Thailand. It is possible to apply inside Thailand as well in case by case.

Before you can apply for a Non-Imm B Visa (for employment), the applicant’s prospective employer in Thailand is required to submit Form BT32 at the Office of Foreign Workers Administration, Department of Employment, Ministry of Labour in order to get the pre-approval letter for work permit. This letter will be used for supporting your visa application.

Once the applicant has been granted a Non-Immigrant B Visa, the holder can enter Thailand and will be allowed to stay for an initial period of not more than 90 days.

Once you have entered Thailand, the employer must arrange a Work Permit for you. Holding a Non-Immigrant B Visa is not enough to work legally, a Work Permit must be obtained.

During the initial 90 day entry period, you must apply for a Visa extension. Visa extensions are granted for 1 year and can be renewed for a further year.

What documents do I need fo applying for a Non-Immigrant B visa?

Documents to be submitted

  1. Application form TM.7, photograph 4×6 cm., application fee is 1,900 THB (Application must be made in person).
  2. Copy of applicant’s passport (copy of passport with your photo, last arrival stamp, Re-entry Permit stamp, Departure card (TM.6) and last extended visa).
  3. Certificate of employment prepared in accordance with the form prescribed by the Immigration Bureau (Sor.Tor.Mor.1).
    – A table showing the numbers of all foreigners employed by the company, also their salary on monthly and annually basis, and their total salary, is additionally required.
  4. Copy of work permit
  5. Proof of corporate registration e.g. certificate of incorporation of company or partnership certified by the Registrar with validity for 6 months.
  6. Copy of list of shareholders certified by the Registrar with validity for 6 months.
  7. A copy of the latest balance sheet and income statement, together with corporate income tax return (Por.Ngor.Dor.50) and receipt. Copy of Sor.Bor.Chor.3 they must be certified by the Revenue Dept. or by The Department of Business Development.
  8. Copy of 3 latest monthly withholding tax returns (Por.Pro.1) showing the name of employees and the alien applicant, together with receipt.
  9. Copy of latest personal income tax return of the applicant (Por.Pro.91), together with receipt (or an explanatory letter).
  10. Copy of 3 latest monthly social security contributions return filed with the Social Security Office (Form Sor.Por.Sor. 1-10).
  11. Copy of 3 latest monthly value add tax returns (Por.Pro.30 or Por.Por.36) together with receipt.
  12. Proof of the need of the business to employ the alien e.g. no Thai candidate has applied after advertising such a position.
  13. Location map of the place of work.
  14. Other supporting documents required by the competent authority (Sor.Tor.Mor.2).
  15. Photographs showing the location of the business.
    a. Exterior photographs showing the address and the sign of company name.
    b. Interior photographs showing the employee while working.
  16. Original versions of documents of Nos. 5,6,7,8,9 and 10 must be provided.
  17. In case the applicants are accompanied by a family member, proof of family relationship e.g. marriage certificate, birth certificate of their children must be provided. If these documents were issued by a foreign government, they must be certified by such foreign embassy.

Criteria for Consideration of Non-Imm B visa extension

  1. The applicant must have been granted a non-immigrant visa (NON-IMM).
  2. The applicant must earn minimum income as per the law.
  3. The business must have a paid-up registered capital of no less than Baht 2 million.
  4. Said business must have submitted its financial statements as at the end of its fiscal year for the past two accounting years which have duly been audited and certified by a certified public accountant or a tax auditor, to prove that the business is sufficiently secure with actual and continuous operation.
  5. Said business needs to hire aliens.
  6. Said business must have a ratio of one alien employee per four permanent Thai employees.
  7. The following businesses shall be exempted from the Criteria (3), (4), and (5), and the ratio of Thai employees specified under Criteria (6), shall be reduced to one alien employee per one.
    permanent Thai employee:
    (a) International trade business (representative office)
    (b) Regional office
    (c) Overseas company (branch office)

Documents required for permission of temporary stay no. 8- 11 must be a certified true copy by an authorized officer of the Government unit concerned.

Can I apply for a Non-Immigrant B visa with a Tourist visa or Non-Immigrant O visa?

A foreigner who enters Thailand on a Visa exemption stamp or a Tourist Visa can apply for a Non-Immigrant B Visa. However, the applicant must be able to meet the requirements for the Non-Immigrant B Visa or the one year extension of stays. This can be done at the Immigration Office in Thailand.

Holders of a Non-Immigrant O Visa based on marriage to a Thai National are already eligible to apply for a work permit so it is not necessary to change to a Business Visa.

Non-Immigrant O Visa based on retirement are not eligible to work in Thailand so they would need to change to a Non-Immigrant B.

Can I leave and re-enter Thailand?

If you hold a multiple entry Visa, you can enter and leave Thailand as many times as you like during the validity of your Visa.

If you possess a Non-Immigrant B single entry Visa or an extension of stay based on this Visa, you will need to obtain a re-entry permit before leaving Thailand.

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Do I need a Work Permit?

A Non-Immigrant B Visa itself does not allow you to work in Thailand, but it does allow you to apply and obtain a work permit. Please note, it is illegal to work in Thailand without a Work Permit.

What happens if I leave my job?

In the event of an applicant leaving their job, your work permit will be cancelled by your employer after leaving the job within 15 days.

If you have an extension of stay based on Employment of Conducting Business, you will need to go to the Immigration Office and cancel the extension. Upon cancellation, you will be given a 7 day stamp in your passport and be required to leave Thailand.

What is a Thai Work Permit?

A work permit in Thailand is a legal document which clearly states a foreigner’s position, occupation, or job description and the name and details of the Thai company they will be working for. It also acts as a license to perform a job/occupation for a foreigner in Thailand.

Can a foreigner start working after submitting an application for a work permit?

No, it is not possible to start working until a full work permit has been granted, unless the employee is working for a business promoted by the BOI (Board of investment).



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