Limited Company (LLC)

Effortlessly establish your Limited Company in Thailand or LLC through our streamlined company registration services.

Designed to serve both foreign entrepreneurs and established businesses, our services allow you to establish a joint venture with Thai nationals or form a wholly foreign-owned entity.

Limited company

Limited Company at a glance

100% Foreign Ownership

100% foreign ownership is permissible for specific business activities. For others, forming a joint venture with a local partner might be necessary.

Full control

A preference share structure, combined with a meticulously drafted shareholders' agreement, serves to safeguard the interests of foreign investors.

Hiring Foreign employees

A minimum capital of 2 million THB and a ratio of four Thai employees for every foreign employee are typically necessary to support each work permit.

Why work with VB and Partners?

Embarking in a business venture in Thailand can be tricky. That’s why VB & Partners is here to help. Our comprehensive range of services covers every step, from initial business feasibility assessments to complete incorporation and running your business operations.

Navigating local laws and regulations is an essential concern for foreign enterprises. Our tailored packages are designed to ensure adherence to legal and local practices. Backed by a team of experts who are familiar with the Thai market and regulations, resulting in the smooth operation of your business.

What does this package include

  • Registration of a private limited company in Thailand (company limited co. ltd)
  • Reservation of the company name
  • Preparation and filing of the application
  • Obtaining two company stamps (if required)
  • English translation of the company’s registration certificate and list of shareholders
  • Preparation of the company share register
  • Preparation of share certificates
In addition to the aforementioned package, additional options are available on the product page.
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Limited Company
Local partner required in most cases
Minimum 50,000 Baht registered capital
5 Business Days
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Excluding official fees and transportation fees

Price: + 7% VAT

What you must know before applying

Restrictions to 100% Foreign Ownership
100% foreign ownership is permitted if the business activities aren't restricted by the Foreign Business Act or if you obtain a Foreign Business License. For other activities, a joint venture with a local partner is possible, and well-drafted agreements can safeguard foreign investors' interests.
Minimum capital requirements
In practice, registering a Limited Company in Thailand requires a minimum capital of 50,000 THB. However, to sponsor a work permit for a foreign employee, a paid-up capital of 2 Million THB is necessary for each permit.
Foreign Business Licence
Foreign owned companies can only engage in business activities that are not restricted under the Foreign Business Act. However, a company can apply for a Foreign Business Licence to avoid these restrictions.
Shareholder requirements
A minimum of two shareholders are required to start a Limited Company. Shareholders can be either Thai or foreign but the restrictions of the Foreign Business Act must be considered.
Director Requirements
At least one director is required, and the director must be an individual. If a foreign director signs documents on behalf of the company in Thailand, they are considered to be working and must obtain a work permit.
Types of shares
The company can issue Ordinary Shares, which grant 1 vote per share, and Preference Shares with enhanced voting and dividend rights. The specifics of the Preference Shares should be detailed in the Articles of Association.

Book a Call with our expert

Up to an hour consultation on the process of starting and running a business in Thailand.

During this session, our lawyer will provide insights into key areas, including company structure, outsourced employment services, taxes, accounting, and other general facets of running a business in Thailand. Additionally, we are here to address any other legal queries you might have, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of the topic at hand.

Our responses will be pragmatic, breaking down both the legal aspects and local practices in a manner that’s easy to grasp.

Should your questions require additional research, our experts will delve deeper and follow up with further insights via email.

This consultation is offered by legal experts fluent in English, French, or Thai.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can a foreigner own a company in Thailand?

Yes it is possible for a foreigner to open a company in Thailand. It is also possible for a company to be 100% foreign owned as well. 100% foreign ownership is only possible for companies that undertake unrestricted activities under the Foreign Business Act. Should the business engage in restricted business activities, a Foreign Business Licence would be required to ensure 100% foreign ownership. 

Companies that have have received a promotion from the Board of Investment are also eligible for 100% foreign ownership. Please note, the BOI only provides promotions for selected business activities.

How much does it cost to register a company in Thailand?

The official fees for registering a company in Thailand are THB 7,500. 

How do I start a Limited Company in Thailand?

Step 1: Choose and register a company name.

Step 2: Draft and file the Memorandum of Association.

Step 3: Call and hold a Statutory Meeting of the shareholders

Step 4: Register the Company with the Ministry of Commerce.

Step 5: Register the company for Value-Added Tax (VAT) and Income Tax

How can a foreigner start a small business in Thailand?

Yes, foreigners can start a business in Thailand. However, certain business activities are restricted by the Foreign Business Act and in order for businesses to undertake them they must obtain a Foreign Business Licence/Certificate which can be time consuming and complicated.

What are the benefits of a BOI company?

A BOI promotion offers advantages such as 100% foreign ownership, tax relief, simplified visa procedures, and additional privileges, which are not available to ordinary companies. These benefits can significantly expedite market entry and provide an advantageous setting for conducting business in Thailand.