Tourism Business License

Tourism Business License

A Tourism business license refers to the Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT) license issued by the Thai government to authorize a business to operate in the tourism industry.

The Tourism Business license is essential for businesses operating in the tourism sector, including hotels, travel agencies, and tour operators. 

Business Licenses
Tourism Business License at a glance
Eligible Businesses

Tourism businesses that offer services such as sightseeing tours and tourist guides. These businesses must directly interact with tourists, who purchase services directly from the operator, not as a service provider

Company Structure

To operate a tourism business in Thailand, it must be registered with a majority if Thai shareholders and Thai directors. Only a Thai director can sign binding agreements related to the tourism business, with their authority limited to tourism-related matters. BOI promotions are available.


Once the Tourism licence has been granted it is valid for 2 years. Renewals must be made within 120 days of the licence expiring.

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What does this package include

  • Document Preparation: Our experts will work closely with you to obtain and collate all the required documents and complete the application forms ready for submission.
  • Submitting the Application: Our experts will submit the application to the local government office. We will also liaise with the officers through the consideration and review process to ensure complete awareness of the application status.
  • Collection of the Business Licence: Our experts will collect the documents on your behalf once the Licence has been approved and issued.
  • Post-approval procedure: Our experts will keep you up-to-date with any compliance requirements.
  • Answering questions concerning the Tourism Licence.
In addition to the aforementioned requirements, please note that additional documentation may be necessary during the application process.
Tourism Business License
A tourism license grants access to Thailand's tourism industry
Obtaining a tourism license ensures compliance
5 Business Days
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Excluding official fees and transportation fees

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What you must know before applying

There is a 60 day consideration period for all applications. During this time, the business cannot undertake any activities related to tourism.
Security Deposits
In order to obtain a Tourism Licence, the company must make a security depoist with the Tourist Business and Guide Registration Office. The amount depends on the acitivities of the company.
A tourism business must secure 'Tourist & Guide' insurance, and the insurance provider will require an estimate of the daily clientele to determine coverage based on the number of individuals served.
Criminal Record Check
The Tourist Business Guide Registration Office uses specific criteria to assess applicants credibility. To demonstrate credibility, a criminal record check or a certification from the police is required.
A tourism business offers services to tourists like tours and guides but excludes vehicle leasing, passenger transport, and hotel reservations. They must sell services directly to tourists, not act as agents.
The business must maintain an office in Thailand, separate from other locations, with a prominently displayed signboard at the entrance bearing the full company name and TAT license number.

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Frequently Asked Question

What are the official fees for a tourism licence?

The following fees and security deposits are required.

  • Outbound (international tours or services): security of 200,000 THB and a government fee of 500 THB.
  • Inbound (bringing tours and customers to Thailand from abroad): security of 100,000 THB and a government fee of 500 THB
  • Domestic: security of 50,000 THB and a government fee of 300 THB
    What documents are required to apply for a Tourism business licence?
    • TAT license application form that has been signed by a Thai director and stamped with the company seal 
    • Certificate of Registration and company objectives (must not be older than one month). 
    • List of shareholders’ names.
    • Memorandum of association.
    • Copy of the director’s personal ID card and his address (this must be certified by the director)
    • Company seal
    • Two photos of the front of the office which show the address and nameplate.
    • A map of the office
    • Guarantee, cash or cashier’s check to be used for the security deposit.
    What are the company requirements for getting a Tourism Business Licence in Thailand?

    To qualify:

    • Register under Thai Law
    • Serve the purpose of facilitating business tourism in Thailand
    • Ensure that unlimited liabilities are held by Thai nationals
    • For a limited company, appoint at least half of the directors as Thai nationals and have a minimum of 51% of capital owned by natural Thai nationals.
    Where do you get a Tourism Licence in Thailand?

    To engage in tourism activities, individuals or businesses must seek a TAT license (issued by the Tourism Authority of Thailand) through the Tourist Business and Guide Registration Office.