Food License

Food License

In Thailand, if you plan to serve food and operate a restaurant as part of your business venture, obtaining a food and restaurant license is essential.

The license requirements are dependent on the size of the restaurants area.

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Food License at a glance
Application Requirements

Restaurants with a floor space exceeding 200 square meters must seek a restaurant license from the local government. In contrast, smaller establishments need only inform the local authority and receive a certificate of notification.

Company Structure

Foreigners cannot 100% own a restaurant in Thailand as the Foreign Business Act classes it as a restricted activity. A Thai company which has at least one Thai national shareholder (who owns > 50.% of the shares) must be used.

Employee Requirements

Each Thai employee is also required to undergo a test at the district office, consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions, with a minimum of 40 correct answers needed to pass. The test covers topics related to hygiene and other relevant areas.

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What does this package include

  • Initial Consultation: Our experts will assess your company’s business activities and identify whether a food license is required or you only need to notify the local authorities.
  • Document Preparation: Our experts will work closely with you to obtain and collate all the required documents and complete the application forms ready for submission.
  • Submitting the Application: Our experts will apply to the local district office. We will also liaise with the officers through the consideration and review process to ensure complete awareness of the application status.
  • Collection of the Food Licence: Our experts will collect the documents on your behalf once the food Licence has been approved and issued.
  • Post-approval procedure: Our experts will keep you up-to-date with any compliance requirements.
  • Answering any questions concerning the Food Licence.
In addition to the aforementioned requirements, please note that additional documentation may be necessary during the application process.
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Food License
Restaurants over 200 sqm require a licence
Restuarants smaller than this must notify the authorities
5 Business Days
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Excluding official fees and transportation fees

Price: + 7% VAT

What you must know before applying

The application typically takes up to a month to receive approval after being submitted. Depending on various factors such as inspection official availability and the restaurant's condition, among others.
After submitting the application, an officer may schedule a restaurant inspection and additional documents may be requested. Employees may be asked to provide explanations about specific food preparation processes.
The Food licence will be valid for 1 calendar year. The licence must be renewed before December 31st every year.
Government Fees
1) Up to 10 square meters: 100 THB 2) More than 10 square meters: 5 THB per additional sq m. 3) Between 200 and 300 sq m: 2,000 THB 4) More than 300 sq m: 5 THB per additional sq m. Maximum government fee: 3,000 THB
Restaurant Area
The size of the restaurant is measured in square meters (incl. tables, kitchen, counter etc.)
Medical Certificates
Before the license is granted, staff members will need to furnish a medical certificate as part of the application process.

Book a Call with our expert

Up to an hour consultation on the process of setting up a company in Thailand.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can a foreigner open a Restaurant in Thailand?

Unfortunately, selling food and beverages is a restricted activity under the Foreign Business Act (FBA), making it impossible to have a 100% foreign owned restaurant.

However, while it is a restricted activity, there are some options available to foreign restaurateurs. In order for a foreigner to operate a restaurant, they will need to set up a company with a Thai national who will hold at more than 50% of the shares.

Can I hire foreign staff to work at a restaurant?

The requirements for hiring foreigners in Thailand largely depend on the type of structure used to incorporate the business. Assuming the restaurant will be incorporated using the most common structure, the Thai Limited Company, the following criteria must be met in order to hire foreign employees.

  • A ratio of 4 Thai employees per foreign employee hired is required to support a Work Permit.
  • There is also a minimum capital requirement of 2 million Baht per foreign employee as well.

Once these requirements have been satisfied, the employee will be able to apply for their business visa and work permit.

Does a food licence allow me to sell alcohol in a restaurant?

No, a liquor licence is required for any restaurant who will be serving alcoholic drinks on the premises.

Can my restaurant play music?

Yes, this is possible but the company must apply for a music license. This licence must be obtained if thelive music or any kind of music (radio, spotify etc) playing on its premises;

Where do I apply for the licences?
  • The restaurant license must be obtained from the District Office. 


  • The liquor licence must be obtained from the Local Excise Department.


  • The music licence must be obtained from the Department of Intellectual Property.