PEO/EOR Service

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) service, also known as Employer of Record, provides a streamlined option for quickly hiring and onboarding employees in Thailand.

Utilizing our outsourced employment service avoids the costs and uncertainties of establishing a local company and allows quick access to the Thai Market.

PEO/EOR Service

PEO Service at a glance

Quick Entry to the Thai Market

Our PEO service allows you to enter the Thai market and start working as soon as possible. Our experts will handle the intricate details, so you can focus on other areas.

Limited Investment Required

Skip the complexities of establishing a company, investing capital, and hiring local staff with our PEO service. Streamline your process while staying focused on your business objectives.

Payroll & Tax Services

Our PEO service takes care of employee payroll and tax responsibilities, allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities with peace of mind.

Why work with VB Partners?

Embarking in a business venture in Thailand can be tricky. That’s why VB & Partners is here to help. Our comprehensive range of services covers every step, from initial business feasibility assessments to complete incorporation and running your business operations.

Navigating local laws and regulations is an essential concern for foreign enterprises. Our tailored packages are designed to ensure adherence to legal and local practices. Backed by a team of experts who are familiar with the Thai market and regulations, resulting in the smooth operation of your business.

What does this package include

Our team of experts will support you throughout both the pre-onboarding and post-onboarding processes, providing the following services:

  • Advisory on optimizing the use of PEO services for according to your business and invoicing clients.
  • Collection of necessary information from the employee and preparation of documents for the initial 3-month business visa.
  • Accompaniment of the employee to the immigration office in Bangkok to secure the work permit and extend the visa to one year, inclusive of multi-entry stamps.
  • Preparation of monthly payslips, tax filings, and management of human resources.
In addition to the aforementioned requirements, please note that additional documentation may be necessary during the application process.
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PEO/EOR Service
Monthly HR outsourcing service
30 Business Days
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Excluding official fees and transportation fees

Price: + 7% VAT

What you must know before applying

This is open to professionals who hold a bachelor's degree, have at least 5 years of work experience, and are in specific industries such as digital, business support, or C-level positions.
Establishing yourself in Thailand
PEO services offer swift entry into the Thai market, but may not suit long term operations. For long term projects, starting a Thai limited company is advised. Begin with our PEO services, then transition to the new company when ready.
Payroll and Compliance
We manage payroll and personal income tax filings. After residing in Thailand for 6 months, an employee is considered a Thai tax resident and can take advantage of Thailand's favorable tax system.
Work Permit and Visa
The work permit and visa are granted under a Thai company, in line with its business objectives and appropriate licenses. The individual is recognized as an employee of the Thai company and operates under its direct supervision and responsibility. While tasks may be allocated based on a service agreement with a company outside of Thailand, the employee's primary directive remains under our guidance and in accordance with our business goals within Thailand.
Health Insurance and social security
The employee is registered with social security. We offer options for supplemental health insurance to ensure the employee is fully covered in Thailand and during trips abroad.
We recommend beginning the process at least 2 months before your intended start date in Thailand. Preparing and obtaining the documents for the initial 3-month business visa (Non Immigrant B) can take up to 3 weeks. Following that, preparing the documentation for job position approval and scheduling a meeting with Bangkok Immigration for your work permit and visa extension will also require around 3 weeks

Book a Call with our expert

Up to an hour consultation on the process of starting and running a business in Thailand.

During this session, our lawyer will provide insights into key areas, including company structure, outsourced employment services, taxes, accounting, and other general facets of running a business in Thailand. Additionally, we are here to address any other legal queries you might have, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of the topic at hand.

Our responses will be pragmatic, breaking down both the legal aspects and local practices in a manner that’s easy to grasp.

Should your questions require additional research, our experts will delve deeper and follow up with further insights via email.

This consultation is offered by legal experts fluent in English, French, or Thai.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who s responsible for the day to day supervision of the employee once they have been onboarded?

The Thai company is the legal employer, and as such, the employee is governed by Thai labor law regulations. Nevertheless, specifics such as roles, responsibilities, KPIs, quality standards, and other pertinent details can be outlined in a service agreement, as long as they align with the business activities of the Thai company.

How do PEOs pay employee wages and handle payroll compliance?

PEOs are contractually obliged to pay wages and fulfill all taxation rules and regulations in Thailand. The PEOs will invoice the foreign employer on a monthly basis to collect the foreign employee salaries. Furthermore, the PEO service ensure that the foreign employee is paid ontime and relevant taxes have been withheld.

What is the minimum wage for foreign employees in Thailand?

The minimum salary for a foreign employee is dependant on where they are from:

Europe (except Russia)
50,000 baht/month
Hong Kong
South Korea
45,000 baht/month
Other Asian Countries not listed
Central and South America
eastern Europe
South Africa
35,000 baht/month
Africa (except South Africa)
25,000 baht/month
What are the tax obligations for employees in Thailand?

The tax obligations for employees in Thailand are as follows:

Net Taxable Income (THB)Tax Rate (%)
Greater than 150,000 but less than 300,0005
Greater than 300,000 but less than 500,00010
Greater than 500,000 but less than 750,00015
Greater than 750,000 but less than 1,000,00020
Greater than 1,000,000 but less than 2,000,00025
Greater than 2,000,000 but less than 5,000,00030
Over 5,000,00035

The employer withholds the employee's Personal Income Tax on a monthly basis (source tax), based on the projected annual salary income. Additionally, the employer deducts the social security tax, which is 5% of the employee's salary, capped at 750 Baht.

Employees are required to file their annual personal income tax return by April of the subsequent year. The final tax amount may be adjusted to account for deductions or any other taxable income that might have been earned or brought into Thailand. Our tax experts are on hand to assist our clients with personal income tax matters in Thailand.

In practice, the salary should correspond to the employee's role and experience and be sufficient to cover their living expenses.

Can I use a PEO service to sponsor my work permit in Thailand?

It is essential to understand that the PEO is not just a facilitator but acts as both the legal and actual employer in Thailand. This means that employees working under a PEO are directly governed by, and must adhere to, the instructions and policies set by the PEO.

While there's flexibility in determining specific job roles, responsibilities, KPIs, and other work-related parameters — often established in a service agreement between the original company and the PEO — it's mandatory that all the outlined tasks and responsibilities fall within the official business activities of the PEO in Thailand. This ensures that the employment is genuine and not merely a workaround for visa provisions.

It's crucial to highlight the legal implications: Thailand prohibits entities from issuing work permits to foreigners if the primary or sole intention is just to secure a visa without genuine employment undertakings. Such practices can lead to severe penalties for both the PEO and the foreign individual.