Capital Increase

Authorized capital is essentially the maximum amount of shares a company can issue. The limit for Authorized capital is set during the initial incorporation of the company.

However, there may be situations when a company needs to adjust its capital, for example, wanting to attract new shareholders, which can only be done through a shareholder meeting.

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Capital Increase at a glance
Shareholder Meeting

Increasing the capital of a company can only be done through a shareholder meeting.

Types of Changes to Capital

It is possible for companies to both increase or decrease their capital.

Registering the Changes

Any changes to the capital must be registered within 14 days from the date of the meeting.

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What does this package include

  • Arranging Shareholder’s meeting: Our experts will prepare the shareholders’ meeting and assist in managing and drafting the minutes for the shareholder meeting.
  • Collecting the documents:  Our team of experts will collect, collate, and fill in all the required documents, ready for the required signature.
  • Filing the documents at the Department of Business Development: We will assist in registering the change of the company’s capital with the Department of Business Development and liaise with the officer until we receive the approval.
  • Answering any questions about the process for changing the company’s capital.
In addition to the aforementioned requirements, please note that additional documentation may be necessary during the application process.
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Capital Increase
A Shareholder Meeting is required
Changes must be registered with the DBD
5 Business Days
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What you must know before applying

It typically takes approximately one month to complete the process of capital increase for a company in Thailand. An invitation letter must be sent to all shareholders at least 14 days prior to the scheduled shareholders' meeting.
Type of Meeting Required
Upon a deciding to change the companies registered capital, the company must organise a Shareholders’ meeting.
Arranging a Shareholders Meeting
A formal invitation letter for the shareholders' meeting, which must be signed by one of the company directors, needs to be publicly announced in a local newspaper 14 days before. Additionally, a copy of this letter must be sent to the shareholders.
Documents to Increase Capital
Registration forms, a copy of Company’s Affidavit, a copy of Shareholders list (BOJ 5), a copy of the directors’ ID Card or passport, details of the changes to the value or amount of shares, and the amount of shares held by the shareholders.
Documents to Decrease Capital
Registration forms, a copy of Company’s Affidavit, a copy of Shareholders list (BOJ 5), a copy of the directors’ ID Card or passport, details of the changes to the value or amount of shares, and the amount of shares held by the shareholders.
Methods to Increase Capital
There exist several methods to change a company's capital, such as issuing additional shares or enhancing the value of existing shares within the company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What documents are required for changing directors?

The following documents are required to register the change of a company director and the Department of Business Development.

  1. Copy of both the new and old Director’s ID card or Passport.
  2. Copy of the company’s affidavit.
  3. Copy of the shareholders list.
What is the process for calling a shareholders meeting?

To comply with Thai laws, the company must send an Invitation Letter for Meeting to the Shareholders to notify them of the decision to Change theDirector. The letter must be sent to the shareholders by local post and advertised in the local newspaper. This must be done 7 days prior to the meeting date.

What is the difference between a shareholder and a director?

A Shareholder invests in the company and holds the shares, but doesn’t have any power or authorization to manage the company. Directors are appointmented to manage the company on their behalf. Directors can be either a shareholder or an independent party.