Fundraising & Acquisition

Fundraising is a crucial strategy for businesses and organizations seeking capital, while acquisition involves one company taking control of another to achieve strategic goals. Both processes are integral to growth and development, demanding careful planning and execution to attain success. Fundraising and acquisition are pivotal strategies for businesses and organizations seeking capital and growth opportunities. Whether you’re looking to secure funds or navigate the complexities of acquisition, our team of experts is ready to provide guidance and support for your success.
Fundraising and Acquisition
Why choose VB & Partners
Due Diligence

Thoroughly researching potential investors or fundraising platforms, as well as assessing their alignment with your business goals, is crucial before entering into financial agreements.

Risk Management

Understanding and mitigating risks associated with fundraising and acquisition, such as debt obligations or equity dilution, is critical for maintaining financial stability.

Investor Relations

Building and maintaining positive relationships with investors is crucial for long-term success. Communication, transparency, and meeting expectations are vital.

Why work with VB Partners?

Embarking on a business venture, especially in a foreign land, can appear overwhelming. At VB & Partners, we understand this challenge and our experts are ready to assist with your needs. Our comprehensive range of services covers every step, from initial business feasibility assessments to complete incorporation and the start of your business operations.

Navigating local laws and regulations is a paramount concern for foreign enterprises. Our tailored solutions alleviate this complexity, ensuring unwavering adherence to legal mandates. Backed by a team well-versed in the intricacies of the Thai market and regulations, ensuring the smooth operation of your business.

VB & Partners takes pride in its assembly of seasoned experts. Ranging from Incorporation, Accounting & Secretary Services to Immigration and Real Estate, VB & Partners stands as your premier destination for all your legal and accounting needs.

What does this package include

  • Pre-registration procedures: Coordinate with the client to establish the scope of services to be provided and also obtain the details of the employees position e.g. salary and job title etc.Collecting, preparing and filing all the required documents for onboarding the employee. This will cover areas such
  • as Visa & Work Permit (for foreign employees), payroll and compliance (Tax deductions and payments etc).
  • Answering questions in relation to the PEO service.
  • Advising you on the post onboarding procedure to ensure a smooth working relationship.
In addition to the aforementioned requirements, please note that additional documentation may be necessary during the application process.
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Fundraising & Acquisition
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What you must know before applying.

Diverse Funding Sources
Fundraising involves accessing capital through various channels, including investors, loans, grants, and crowdfunding, depending on the organization's needs and objectives.
Clear Business Plan
A well-structured business plan is essential when seeking funds. It outlines your goals, financial projections, and how the funds will be utilized, instilling confidence in potential investors.
Financial Reporting
Timely and accurate financial reporting helps build trust with investors and lenders and is often a requirement in fundraising agreements.
Strategic Alignment
Acquisitions should align with your business's strategic goals, such as expanding market reach, diversifying product offerings, or gaining a competitive edge.
Integration Planning
Successful integration of the acquired entity requires careful planning to merge operations, culture, and technology seamlessly.
Synergy Realization
Identifying and realizing the expected synergies between the acquiring and acquired companies is a key driver of acquisition success.

Book a Call with our expert

Up to an hour consultation on the process of fundraising and acquisition in Thailand.

We will provide you with information on key areas such as; company structure, taxes, accounting and other general aspects of opening a company in Thailand. We will also answer any other legal questions you may have to provide you with a clear overview.

If some extra research is necessary to answer your questions, our experts will check and revert to you with complementary elements by email.

This consultation is provided by legal experts in English or in French.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is fundraising for a business or organization?

Fundraising involves seeking external financial support from investors, donors, or lenders to raise capital for a specific purpose, such as expanding operations or launching new projects.

What are common methods of fundraising?

Common fundraising methods include equity financing (selling ownership stakes), debt financing (borrowing money), crowdfunding, grants, and donations.

How can I attract investors or donors?

Building a compelling pitch, demonstrating a strong value proposition, and showcasing your team's capabilities are crucial to attracting investors or donors.

What is an acquisition in the business context?

An acquisition, also known as a takeover, is the process of one company buying another, either through purchasing its assets or acquiring its shares, with the goal of gaining control or expanding market presence.

How does an acquisition differ from a merger?

In an acquisition, one company takes control of another, while a merger involves two companies merging to form a new entity. In both cases, ownership and management structures may change.

How does financing an acquisition work?

Financing options for acquisitions may include cash payments, stock swaps, debt financing, or a combination of these, depending on the deal's structure and financial capabilities of the acquiring company.