Mediation & Litigation

Package: Mediation & Litigation

30,000 THB ex. VAT

What does this package include

  • Pre-registration procedures: Coordinate with the client to establish the scope of services to be provided and also obtain the details of the employees position e.g. salary and job title etc.Collecting, preparing and filing all the required documents for onboarding the employee. This will cover areas such
  • as Visa & Work Permit (for foreign employees), payroll and compliance (Tax deductions and payments etc).
  • Answering questions in relation to the PEO service.
  • Advising you on the post onboarding procedure to ensure a smooth working relationship.

Extra Services

Extra Services

(Recommended for new company). Answering all your legal questions* and reviewing/revising legal documents up to 2 hours per month Additional time charged at a special flat hourly rate of THB 7,500. Any unused hours can be carried forward to the next month. Valid for one year

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